Why do celebrities wear shoes that look too big?

Have you ever looked at stars on the red carpet and noticed that their shoes look too big? Is it a trend or is there another reason for it? Read on and we’ll demystify this strange footwear anomaly…

Stylists make sure that the people they style are looking great, but the oversized shoe trend does have a practical purpose. The reasoning behind it is actually simple. Wearing shoes that are slightly too big stops the age-old problem we’ve all experienced at one point – blisters!

Stylists choose slightly oversized shoes because our feet can change shape, especially if you’re up on them all night. Swelling of eh feet is what can cause blisters and other problems with shoes feeling too tight. There’s also the point that if you are wearing brand new shoes without breaking them in, you’ll get more chance of feet swelling.


The idea that you can wear the shoes you want with no rubbing, pinching or squeezing on the most vulnerable areas of your feet sounds like a dream. It can prevent damage to your feet which can become a longer-term issue. So, here’s how you get your shoes to stay on whilst they are oversized.


To keep shoes that are too big from falling off you have a few options. One trick stylists use is to put silicone pads inside the pump. This trick makes sure that your shoe fits on the foot but doesn’t restrict blood circulation and stops the problem of swollen feet.

Another option you can use is double-sided tape. You can apply the tape to your third and fourth toe and to your pinkie toe. It creates a barrier that stops nerve damage to your toes and helps to keep your shoes on your feet.


The last option you have is to use a bit of tissue to fill the gaps where there’s space in your shoe. As the day or night goes on if you feel your shoes becoming tight from swollen feet, then you can remove the tissue, relieving the pressure.

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