Summer dress tends – All the latest styles

Summer is on its way and it’s time to ditch the warm clothes and get yourself some summery dresses. We’ll look at all the trends and styles that are the top looks for this summer.

Patterned dress

Patterned dresses have been popular for decades for the summer months. This summer though, patchwork styles are popular, mixing and matching types of fabrics for a vibrant colour filled look. These are on trend and look out for oversized and light styles dresses.


Gingham dress

Gingham is a great summer fabric. It’s pretty and dripping with preppy style. Its mini check style is a great summer look. Choose from pastel colours for a super feminine look or something a bit darker and classic if you want to look a bit more sophisticated. Deconstructed styles are everywhere this season with asymmetrical cuts and cropped hems.


Shirt Dress

The shirt dress trend is amongst the most versatile of the summer trends. With styles including midi, maxi, button up or collar, you’ll be able to find them in all kinds of plain and print designs. Other options include sleeveless, short-sleeved and long sleeved, so no matter how hot it is you’ll find the right one for the weather. They are hugely versatile and can be worn open over hot pants or a mini skirt, o as a statement piece in itself. Style it with a belt to accentuate your figure.


Floral dress

A floral dress has been a summer staple for as long as I can remember. They are available in a huge range of styles and this years’ bold botanical patterns are on trend. If you like a retro look 60s and 70s inspired bold colours are everywhere, with Dolce and Gabanna showing this trend. If these are too bold, a 50s style more subtle print will be the style for you.


Polka Dot dress

The polka dot dress is a hugely versatile and are available in countless styles. There are subtle dots that are barely visible and massive Minnie Mouse style bold prints, but no matter what you choose they are very much on trend. Wear a short dress with some jeans and trainers, choose a maxi dress that can go from a daytime shopping trip to wearing for a night out with a couple of accessories.


Sequin Dress

Sequins are the embodiment of glamour. They have been around as long ago as the ancient Egyptians, with them being found in the temple of Tutankhamun. Leonardo da Vinci even designed a machine to make them. The modern sequin is associated with glamour and was developed in the 1930s, which made it lighter than the metal sequins used in the 1920s. The trend isn’t just the normal button-sized sequins, this spring/summer there are dresses with sequins that are huge – reaching up to 100mm in diameter. A perfect choice for a glamorous summer night out.

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