Dressing to keep cool in the summer

This summer,  it’s important to make sure you don’t overheat and end up a sweaty mess. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of summer dressing.

Keep clothes loose

Loose clothes will help you to keep cool by circulating more air around your body. The less fabric you have touching your skin the better, so forget skin tight crop tops and tights and look for a flowing maxi dress.


Avoid thin fabrics that cling to your body

Lightweight fabrics are great for the summer, but if they don’t have seams or any kind of structure they will do nothing but stick to you



Layering with a loose knit or open weave fabric is a good way to add some interest without making yourself a hot mess


Ditch the padded bra

Padded bras are mainly foam. Foam makes you sweat, especially if you’ve got inches of it around your chest. Try a bralette to avoid boob sweat.


Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are breathable. Synthetic fabrics are not. Cotton, hemp or other natural fibres will be far more comfortable than sweaty polyester or rayon.


Avoid embellishments

Embellishments look great, but in the summer the additional beads and metal bits can weight your clothes down closer to your body, which will make it stick to you, which results in heat, sweat and discomfort. Try something with a patterned fabric instead.


Wear a wide-brimmed hat

Wide-brimmed hats will help to keep the sun off your head. They are lightweight, and you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing one. The shade they produce will help to keep you cool.


Wear unlined clothes

Lining does nothing but adds an additional layer of fabric and they are normally made from synthetic fabrics. In the hot weather, this lining will do nothing but contribute to you sweating, so unless you want to walk around feeling like you’ve come straight from the pits of hell then wear unlined.


Choose your bag wisely

Carrying around a backpack in hot weather means that your back will become like a swimming pool. Choose a clutch bag or crossbody bag that doesn’t cling to your skin to make your summer days a bit more pleasurable.


Wear light colours

Light colours reflect more heat than dark colours, so choosing light colours will help you to keep cooler than if you were wearing dark colours. Sorry goths.


Try to avoid jewellery

Jewellery looks great, but in hot weather when it touches your skin it will do nothing but contribute to making you feel hotter. Lightweight jewellery will stick to your skin. Heavier jewellery will become hot and feel like a stone that’s been in a fire against your skin. Necklaces will stick to your chest and bracelets will feel like rings of fire around your wrists.

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